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If Dirt Were Dollars

                                                I'm going to be a couch potato and watch everybody lose ( 15 whatever of shame ). I'm King so I come on last but The Queen has been a good girl all her life.  Watch this song on TV sometime in the future.  Nostradamus Century 1  Quatrain 45.


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The Cure - The Drowning Man (LYRICS ON SCREEN) ��

                                            Catch 22 said she would not take my warning, she believes in The Beginning of The Earth- Computers, Tesla Cars, ISS... Not past lives, Nostradamus, candle lights nor The End of The Earth. But it doesn't matter, she survived the flood anyway.

Don Henley - All She Wants To Do Is Dance (1985)

                                                Don did a Farewell Tour but as he left Australia he spit out "1st' of The Farewell Tours" so there is a Next !  There's a "Don Henley must die" going on but all the Rock Stars have the same problem "Some Shaky Modern Saviors Have Now Been Resurrected"

Drivin' With Your Eyes Closed

                                                " Everybody got to have a Purpose in this World "  The Mongol Spirit- Surrender and you can keep your culture otherwise we do Everything to you.  Sing A Rock n Roll song in English for a truce.