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The Cure - One Hundred Years live / Paris with lyrics

                                                     This is a premature post because were still in the Old Days.  The New Days are going to be like the music- hearing sirens constantly.

Billy Idol - Shock To The System

                                           " You could be King, Ooo-oR I could be King "

Genesis - Land of Confusion (Official Music Video)

                                                " His generation can put it right, they're not just making promises, you know they never keep "

They're Not Here, They're Not Coming (Live)

                                            Science never disproved aliens are immaterial travelers, we just all have the same organs.  Beam me up Scotti !  I want your body, nooo, I don't mean sex !  Like possession, reincarnation.

R.E.M. - Superman

                                                 Maybe she's just with another guy...hmmm..

The Cure - Wrong Number

                                                 Nice try anyway, right planet though.....Go back to wars, boys ??

Duran Duran - Rio (Official Music Video)

                                                   2 of a billion stars ?  There's 8 billion now.  Don't worry you are also 2 unless your 3 or 1.

Laura Branigan - Gloria [1982]

                                                 I decided to make an effort to call her at least.  I know she's somewhere on this earth.