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American Pie Don McLean Full Length 1989 Video from Original 1971 72...

                                                " The day the music died "

Mike & The Mechanics - Silent Running ( with LYRICS )

                                                " Don't believe The Church and State and everything they tell you "  Nostradamus Century 4 Quatrain 18

The Bangles - Hero Takes A Fall

                                                Does he live on a world of his own or is it going to blow up?  Be judged while alive, not judgement day.

Depeche Mode - Told You So (Music Video)

                                           Our World-  food chains, laws of physics, proof logic, denying reason, rational cowardice, historical importance....BUT  we like it that way.

Tina Turner - We don't need another hero (Sub Español)

                                                God Watching and Waiting saying " God is stronger than The Devil, Cant Wait to Be Hero ".   This hero is no good, don't want another one !

Everybody knows - Don Henley (With lyrics)

                                           The Bad Guys won but the Good guys will resurrect. The rest of us, Preservers of Ways will live like Scrounges.  Difficulty with The Bible, reference with Nostradamus. Plague mentioned is not corona virus, its Biblical (came out of The Bible)