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King Of The Fools

                                                My first job,  preschool of the kings.

Genesis - Jesus He Knows Me (Official Music Video)

                                                    Jesus says you can do whatever you want if your an ANTICHRIST.  Nobody wants to live strict.  Do you cuss or get angry in the head at everything read from the Bible ?  You have our demons.

War Pigs (2009 Remastered Version)

                                              John 13:27,  Jesus told me to.

In The Beginning

                                                    Listen, Children of The Beast-   thee  past, present and future

Anarchy In The UK

                                                   Only if you speak english.

Anarchy In The UK

                                               You are an ANTICHRIST !

Kinky Sex (Makes the World Go Around)

                                                Everybody, Run, Duck !  The governments are rebelling

Styx - Caught In The Act - 1983

                                                       Its alright to be Christian, Elvis was struggling with gospel until rock eventually sunk him.


                                                    I do have a reality too,  just like you.

The Smiths - Panic (Official Music Video)

                                                     Well, if you actually quit your job and did it for fun, maybe the music will be about your life !

Abba - Dancing Queen

                                                    All us Antichrists are just a bunch of overgrown teenagers. First you don't take a bath everyday and bring back the hippies, bikers, nomads, communes, RV's, buses, gypsies. We are not called The Illuminati, Bohemian Grove, Satanists.  And be smart ones with books !

Eurythmics - The King and Queen of America (Official Video)

                                                   Competition, decoys, doppelgangers, wannabes, all go foreward !

Eurythmics - There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart) (Remastered)

                                                    Did you know every female vocalist is an impersonator ?

Rip Her To Shreds (Remastered)

                                                Every guy comes with a girl for the ride, full of jealousy and envy.

Tears For Fears - Shout (Official Video)

                                                   You gave me life and I gave you hell,  I hope you live to tell the tale.

Workin' It (Live)

                                               Its Hard to know what your working for if your just trying to get out of debt.

Guns N' Roses - Paradise City

                                            I      Looks like I got involved with a loan shark.  Rags to Riches must be the answer.

Poor Boy Down

                                               As you heard, " I'm Not Looking For A Handout, Just Looking for a SPOT "

The Genie

                                                    And this is How It All Starts.  You can have a Genie too.  Its Satan and He is right beside you right now and let him in, You'll See.  There is only 1 like Santa Clause and he places all the presents all over the Earth before Christmas morning !