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Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (Official Video)

                                           Use, Abuse - Everybody Gains.  Its just The Job where Opportunities come.  You do have a Private and Personal life with Time Off don't you ?

Queen of the U.S.A.

                                           " You might think its funny, You might think its strange...."

Heart - Little Queen (Official Video)

                                                A lot of geological and atmospheric protests going on, the earth wants to control our population.  Save us Queen !  We cant control ourselves.

Duran Duran - Meet El Presidente (Official Music Video)

                                           First come, First Serve for Staff.

Queen - Killer Queen (Top Of The Pops, 1974)

                                                Commander in Chief song.

Bell Jar, Bangles

                                           " Everything Comes To Her Like It Was Meant To Be "

Wendy Time

                                                I insisted I wanted a sister, well I got one.

Queen - Sail Away Sweet Sister (To The Sister I Never Had) (Official Lyr...

                                           Just knock on my door anytime.

Billy Idol - White Wedding Pt 1 (Official Music Video)

                                           I was really waiting for it to be called Adultery.  Got to follow the Holy Scriptures,  don't want to be punished by God and neither do any of you.

The Stone Roses - Love Spreads

                                                It doesn't matter what I say about life, it is somehow a lie because I'm not devoted to life, never have and never will.  The Messiah is really my Sister.  What else do you call somebody you have no relation to ?

Night Ranger - Sister Christian (Official Video)

                                                No, just because there is a Satan and all that doesn't mean you become Christian.  Satan did that and had to get his head fixed.  They will start to call you jezebel and you will find out I am right and the priest and the doctor is wrong.

Duran Duran - Skin Trade (Official Music Video)

                                                 " A jump into the deep end gave her the evidence she required "

Heart - Heartless

                                                 " There's This Man He's Everywhere It Just Ain't Fair ! Sinning in the name of Rock n Roll "  I just want to cause a lot of trouble over her not at her door with flowers. I'm still thinking of epic this and that.  Make her hear voices for me