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Building The Perfect Beast

                                                This is a Peace Bomb or Button. Before the Politicians press the War Button. Without THIS there is No Reference and random songs played without effect.  Delay WW3 but NOT Deter.

Shout At The Devil

                                                Let the game and story begin !

The Beast

                                                " The one who lasts the longest Must be the strongest "  Don't be fooled by your eyes, ears and brain.  Is he dead or is he back again ?

Notorious (2010 Remaster)

                                                         Kill a million people and your a millionaire, kill a billion and your a billionaire.  Money is not above the law, its useless.  Join the illuminati today and become an antichrist.    scroll up or down for more info

Depeche Mode - Walking In My Shoes (Official Video)

                                                Whole life behind every thought and a thousand men behind every movement. I'm exposed to white shit, like white magic. Why don't you just get Angry, I don't want to scare you.  Rage, Revenge Man !

The Man's Too Strong

                                                 Act or Do your favorite band or song- not just scream, cry, jump up and down, T-shirts.  Do it for NWO or Illuminati then..  " I still can hear his laughter, I still can hear his song "